Library friends!  Tumblarians!  Has anyone seen this before? 

My aunt and I were wandering around Jönsköping a few days ago and I went into the public library out of curiosity.  This machine/robot is how returns are handled.  Patrons place their books on a little conveyor belt, barcode facing up, which then transports it beneath a scanner.  The scanner reads the code, which dictates how the books are sorted (automatically).  They are dropped into these shelves, which are removable, and adjust to the weight/amount of books so that books don’t overflow.  Once a shelf is full, a light goes off alerting the desk that its ready. 

I’ve never seen anything like this.  The librarian said its becoming very popular in Sweden, and many public libraries in sizable cities are adopting them.  She seemed pretty amused at how fascinated I was.  It was so cool! 

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